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    Nice France Tourist Information and Vation Guide

    Nice France

    The city of Nice is loted on the French Riviera in Provence-Alpes-C?te d'Azur.  Blessed by a sunny, temperate climate, Nice attracts visitors from around the world.

    Among its many attractions are its beautiful beaches, lovely seaside promenade, interesting museums, famous city landmarks and other tourist attractions.

    Nice is a major air transportation hub in Europe. Several low-cost airlines offer flights to the Nice Cote d'Azur Airport from London, Paris and other cities. A high-speed rail service operates to Paris to Nice. Public transportation includes a tram system, ferry service and transit service.

    Day excursions are available from Nice to Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, Monte rlo, nnes and to other towns.

    All types of hotel accommodation is available in and around Nice.  From budget hotels to elegant seaside resorts, excellent accommodation is available for all budgets.